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Unlimited Storage. Blazing Fast Servers.
SSH Secure Shell Access. Proven Track Record

As a small way to say thanks to all our web design clients, we offer $5 a month web hosting for the first year. We understand that budgets can be tight and that every little bit counts. In addition to offering a low cost web hosting solution, our service has a proven track record and superior customer performance. You’ll quickly see, this is one of the best web hosting solutions available.


As apart of our web hosting solution, each client can have an ulimited amount of emails. Also included is FREE spam protection, FREE webmail interface, FREE autoresponders, FREE email forwarding, and unlimited email aliases.


As a courtesy to all our clients, we’ll host your website and blog for $5 a month for the first year. We offer this to all our clients as a small token of gratitude for using our services.


There’s nothing worse than having your website crash. Thanks to our auto-backup feature, that’s not a concern. All our sites are backed up every night in the event of a problem. This is invaluable peace of mind.


For those interested in web based software, we’re able to create installs quickly and efficiently. What this means for you is that you get to login to your website and make changes while only needing a internet connection. All content, graphics, etc is stored on our servers and it’s all made easy with our “1-Click Installs”.


If you’re looking to have a robust site with lots of information for potential clients, then the amount of storage space you’re offered by a hosting provider is a big deal. With JNC Solutions as your hosting provider, you’re allowed an unlimited amount of storage space for all your content, images, etc.

99.9% UPTIME

In today’s world, having your site visible all day every day is a crucial part of business. We understand that which is why we guarantee 99.9% uptime. All server maintenance is done during exactly calculated off peak hours to minimize client exposure.

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