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Why Realtors Should Blog

One of the main reasons why it’s so important for Realtors to blog is that it drives traffic to your website. This couldn’t be truer of newly created websites. The goal of any website is obviously to draw potential clients to your site, but it’s not that easy. New websites can take several months or even up to a year to begin appearing in search engines. Even if you hire a professional to assist you with SEO, you’re still going to wait several months and even then there are no guarantees. As a matter of fact, buyer beware of SEO companies who guarantee anything as legitimate SEO companies just don’t do that. For further explanation on blogs and SEO, Click Here.

Search engines use what are called crawlers or spidering to help determine website rankings. So how do web crawling or spidering work? Crawler-based search engines have three major elements. The spider visits a web page, reads it, and then follows links to other pages within the site. This is referred to as a site being “spidered” or “crawled.” The spider returns to the site on a regular basis, such as every month or two, to look for changes. If spiders detect updated content, this helps raise the ranking in the respective search engines. I could go on and on about this but I just wanted to give you a small look into why it’s important to keep fresh content on your site.

So we know that blogging can drive people to your site but what do you blog about to draw people to you. To answer that you need to ask yourself what information a potential buyer or seller is looking for? Your answer is that potential clients are looking for anything and everything that will help them make an informed decision about their current situation be it buying or selling. They’re looking for current market trends in their area, new technologies they can use to aid in their buying or selling process, the ability to search for homes anywhere and at any time, how to prepare their homes for sale, what to expect in the negotiation process, what are short sales and how do they work, what are REO’s and how they’re handled, and financial or mortgage information just to name a few.

Blogging isn’t hard; it’s just something that needs to be kept up with on a consistent basis. In that regard, it’s just like social media. If you stay on top of it, you’ll soon reap the rewards. However, it you do it only occasionally, then you won’t find yourselves in front of new customers generated by your website. The potential behind blogging is tremendous, however, it depends entire on you. Our
advice is simply that you get started. You’ll quickly find that it’s easy and can actually be fun.

For those of you that are probably asking yourself, I don’t know how or where to begin? Where you first begin is creating a blog. This is something that we offer to do for you as a part of our WordPress design package. If you already have a website but want a professionally designed blog, we can assist you with that as well.

Once your blog is created, then it’s up to you to get started. For those new to blogging, we have several video tutorials posted on our site that will walk you through the process. If you get started, you’ll most likely find yourself addicted quickly and then next thing you know you’ll be rising up in SEO ranking and best of all getting new clients.

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